• Cressi SCORFANO wetsuit
  • Sporasub SK40 Speargun
  • Omer Camera Bracket
  • Omer Cayman ET Camu
  • Sporasub Spitfire Fins
  • Cressi ALLIGATOR Knife
  • Omer Cayman ET Roller
  • General Watersports Equipment
  • Books & DVDs
  • Clearance Bargains
  • Riffe Mid-Handle Speargun


Restricted Products

Please be aware that some products are not able to be shipped to certain countries:

Due to the manufacturer's exclusive distributor agreements , all Omersub & Sporasub products may not be shipped to these destinations:

  • USA & Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa


Spearguns & knives may not be shipped to this destination due to local customs restrictions.

  • Russian Federation: