We have put together this section specifically for those that purely freedive and do not spearfish to assist those that need appropriate kit for this challenging sport.

Suits specifically designed for freediving from major manufacturers such as OMER, Imersion, Cressi, Beuchat etc. are available in different thicknesses together with a large selection of low-volume masks , snorkels, weight systems and fins (including the awesome Black Tech Carbon range).

We are also the UK distributor for the new Umberto Pelizzari range of freediving equipment and will be adding more of the range going forward.

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Glove Sizes
  • £ 32.50

    5mm Rubber-coated neoprene bootie, featuring great thermal retention and durability even when walking on rocks. Can be used for both full-foot and strapped fins. Available in 3 sizes:- Large - (42/43) - UK 8 - 9 X Large (44/45) - UK10 - 12 XX Large (46/47) - UK 13-14


    Product available with different options
    £ 32.50
  • £ 16.50

    This very resistant rubber band which the weight belt fits through which allows weight distribution on a wider hips zone. Even when you are forced to use many weights, there is no backache risk. Any dangerous belt movement during upside down and descent phase is prevented, thereby allowing not having to over-tighten the belt to the benefit of both comfort...


    In Stock
    £ 16.50
  • £ 47.50

    Apnea mask featuring a low inner volume and mirrored lens. This new model features a particular finish in the inner nose area to ease compensation.

    OME- MAO400MI

    In Stock
    £ 47.50
  • £ 39.50

    Apnea mask featuring a low inner volume and great visibility. This new model features a particular finish in the inner nose area to ease compensation.

    OME- MAO400B

    In Stock
    £ 39.50
  • £ 195.00

    Imersion Essemtiel - Carbon Fibre Blade Full Foot Fins High performance fin using the progressive flexibility Carbon Fibre technology - best quality/price ratio. The comfort of the Imersion foot pocket, never equalled, provides a mixed feeling of lightness and power. Length : 78 cm / 31" Full foot available in three sizes.


    In Stock
    £ 195.00
  • £ 35.50

    Cressi Mask - Action Mask based on the Focus format that incorporates an adapter for Action Cam . Both the face and frame of this model are based on the most versatile models in recent history Cressi diving, snorkeling and free diving. Also available only in clear frame/clear silicone.


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    £ 35.50
  • £ 5.00

    Fitting of stock prescription lens (per lens) at time of mask purchase only.


    In Stock
    £ 5.00
  • £ 49.50

    Cressi Dive Mask Air - Black silicone skirt/Black frame


    In Stock
    £ 49.50
  • £ 42.50

    Cressi Nano Mask - Single HD Mirrored lenses/Black silicone


    In Stock
    £ 42.50
  • £ 34.50

    Cressi Nano Mask - Single lens/Green frame/ silicone


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    £ 34.50
  • £ 26.75

    Neoprene 3 mm Nylon outside /Open cell inside No sleeves and no seams inside for maximum comfort.


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    £ 26.75
  • £ 36.50

    New ergonomic 'one size fits all' weight vest easly adaptable to your morphology 5 weight compartment Shoulder straps with whistle and velcro straps for emrgency knife Available in black and camo (not the orange camo fluorescent shown in the video below) Delivered free of weight.


    In Stock
    £ 36.50
Showing 13 - 24 of 140 items