Band Guns

Spearguns utilising latex rubber bands as the firing medium
Cressi Speargun - Geronimo ENLARGE

Cressi Speargun - Geronimo

Cressi Geronimo Band Speargun

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Geronimo has the same features and technical refinements as Geronimo Pro: the difference lies in the barrel, which has a traditional circular section bore.

The grip comes with a brand new adjustment system that makes it possible to personalize its size according to the diver's hand.

The trigger can be adjusted both while moving and to make the release gentler, and mechanically activates a new kind of concealed line stop.

There are two safety catches placed on both sides of the handgrip so they can also be activated by left-handers.

The grips are made from soft-grip material to optimize purchase.

The new muzzle can hold both circular bands and the special standard bands, complete with a brand new, patented pivoting bow system that blocks the shaft against the barrel right up to the moment the gun is fired.

It comes in the 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm long versions.


Band Size Chart
 Screw-in Bands (pair)16mm18mm20mm
50cm 13cm13 - 14cm -
60cm16cm16 - 18cm-
70cm16 - 18cm18cm-
75cm18 - 19cm18 - 21cm19 - 22cm
85cm19 - 22cm19 - 23cm22 - 23cm
90cm22 - 24cm22 - 24cm22 - 24cm
95cm23 - 26cm23 - 25cm23 - 25cm
100cm24 - 28cm24 - 28cm24 - 26cm
105cm26 - 28cm25 - 28cm25 - 28cm
110cm28 - 30cm26 - 28cm26 - 28cm
115cm28 - 30cm27 - 29cm28 - 30cm
120cm30 - 32cm28 - 30cm28 - 32cm
125cm30 - 32cm29 - 31cm30 - 32cm
130cm32 - 35cm30 - 32cm32cm
Circular Bands (single)16mm18mm20mm
70cm42 - 45cm--
75cm45 - 47cm48cm-
85cm47 - 52cm48 - 50cm-
90cm47 - 54cm48 - 52cm-
95cm48 - 54cm50 - 54cm-
100cm54 - 60cm54 - 58cm-
105cm54 - 60cm56 - 60cm-
110cm60 - 65cm60 - 62cm-
115cm65 - 70cm62 - 66cm-
120cm70 - 75cm66 - 68cm-
125cm75 - 80cm68 - 70cm-
130cm75 - 80cm70 - 72cm-

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