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Sporasub Freediving Computer - SP2 (without Cardio chest strap)


Sporasub SP2 Freediving Computer without cardio chest strap

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SP2 it’s a perfect combination of functionality and style, both for freediving and “dry” training.

Its main features are:

  • DIVE


The Cardio Chest Strap (not included) can be used both in Dive and Chrono mode. It features 5,3 KHz allowing underwater data transmission.

The Dive Master software (download) allows dive data downloading of: dive time, maximum depth, water temperature, total calories, max/min heart rate (only using Cardio Chest Strap).

Software and SP2 Firmware (download) are very easy to use and their updating is available at Dive Master when released.

Changing the battery in the SP2 must only be undertaken by your authorized Sporasub-Omer dealer where the watch was purchased or directly by OMERSUB S.p.A. as a battery substitution not undertaken by an Omer authorized dealer voids the warranty of the watch.

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