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Omer Umberto Pelizzari UPX1 Freediving Computer


Umberto Pelizzari UP-X1 Freediving Computer - the most advanced Freediving watch/computer in the world.

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The UP-X1, in addition to the conventional functions of a watch, can be used for both freediving and work outs above water.

Characterised by a carbon fibre ring, comes with a heart rate monitor that uses a frquency of 5.3Hz which alllows data transmission in the water.


- Maximum depth - 100m (328 feet)

- Memory - 250 maximum diving records and 16,000 registered dives

- Maximum dive time/hour at the surface - 99 minutes and 59 seconds

- Fresh or salt water selection

- Attendance record - 1/2/5/10 seconds selection

- Depth Alarm and surface interval

- Heart Rate transmission at 5.3Hz - Heart Rate range -30 - 240 BPM and Alarm

- Temperature range of -20C to 70C (-4F to 158 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Chronograph - Max 99H 59M 59S, memory of 10 sessions and displays time and part-time sessions

- Countdown timer - max 23:59:59, Resolution of 1 second, beep every minute for the last 10 minutes with beeps every 10 seconds for the last minute and each second for the last 5 seconds

- Dive log includes dive time, depth, temperature, max, min, average heart rate / max and calories

Other features include: - Baccklighting, key tones and ring time, selectable LCD contrast, personal data input (sex, year of birth and weight), choice of metric or imperial units, energy saving and sleep mode, PC interface (not Mac).

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