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Cressi Mask - Matrix - Green silicone/frame ENLARGE

Cressi Mask - Matrix - Green silicone/frame


Cressi Dive Mask - Matrix -Green Silicone skirt/frame - clear lenses

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Following the revolutionary principles introduced by the Cressi Big Eyes - the Matrix establishes new records. The Cressi patented raked lenses and their special 'inverted drop' shape has been developed even further.

The lenses are now as close as possible to the eyes, taken to the maximum levels possible. The newly designed frame is very streamlined and ends up being completely invisible when the mask is worn. The top part of the mask has strong grip rubber material inserts for a great look. The soft silicone skirt has a new profile and a broad seal ring for excellent waterproofing and comfort without precedent.

The internal volume of the mask is exceptionally low, lower than many well known Scuba-diving masks and the weight is also moderate. Two pressure buckles integrated into the frame make strap adjustment quick and precise. This new design strap has a very broad purchase on the neck for magnificent comfort.

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