Latex Bands for spearguns
JBL Latex Tubing - Blue - 16mm (per metre)
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Bands 16mm - Latex

JBL Latex Tubing - Blue - 16mm (per metre)

Blue and amber tubing.  Diameter measures 5/8" (16mm).  JBL's unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process delivers radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for optimum performance. Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful U.V. rays, prolonging sling life.  Sold by the metre.
Orca Bands - 16mm Latex...
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Orca 16mm Circular Latex Bands with dyneema wishbone - SOLD SINGLY Can be used on all guns as a second band or muzzles designed to take dynema/spectra wishbones.
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