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JBL Speargun - Reaper 90


JBL Reaper 90 Speargun

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The new gun from JBL made in the USA.

The aerospace aluminium barrel with integral rail delivers unmatched stiffness, taming the two 5/8'' band power source. Its streamlined muzzle transfers energy in perfect parrallel alignment with the shaft for precision shot placement. Trigger sear is made from 25*304 stainless and the shafts are 17-4 spring stainless, heat treated for maximum herdness, virtually eliminating shaft flex.

Features of the Reaper 90 include:-

- Aircraft grade aluminium barrel with integrated rail for ultimate accuracy and minimal flex. Body measures 46'' without shaft.

- 9/32* heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated point and flopper (750-SBR)

- 2 X 5/8'' bands

- All aluminium construction with bomb proof durability

- Integrated float chamber

- Optional Gun butt

- Integrated rail mount for accessories

- Steel reinforced eyelet for reels

- Ambidextrous safety and line release

- Open muzzle with closed muzzle adapet for freeshafting

- Ergonomic handle