Band Guns

Spearguns utilising latex rubber bands as the firing medium

Sporasub Speargun - SK40 - 90cm


Sporasub SK40 Speargun - 90cm

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Speargun with variable geometry carbon shaft made using an innovative casting process.

The speargun is designed specifically for foam fishing even in rough seas with strong backwash. The speargun shape assures very easy manoeuvring even in the strongest currents.

The handle containing the shooting mechanism is assembled by sandwiching the shaft, which is never subject to bending and therefore assures total rigidity of the speargun.

The "minimalist" head can hold a circular band and is mechanically coupled to the shaft.

The handle is fitted with the tried-and-tested ONE mechanism with highly sensitive release.

SK40 features a 6.3 mm stainless steel shaft.

A tank which is no less than 8 metres long has been built to test the spearguns; along it, two photoelectric cells allow the shaft speed to be measured at various distances from the tip of the speargun.

Furthermore, a special stainless steel plate makes it possible to measure the force of the impact of the shaft on the target.

This tank means having all the parameters that are objectively useful for assessing the performance of a speargun available.