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Spearguns utilising latex rubber bands as the firing medium

Omer Speargun - Invictus Rex Mimetic 75cm


Omer Invictus Rex Mimetic Speargun

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Weight: 2.3

Invictus handled speargun, characterized by an aggressive design that evokes its spirit. The handle is ergonomic and angled to allow a solid grip when maneuvering and firing. The trigger release is very sensitive thanks to the elongated stainless-steel spear. This allows you to achieve sweetness when shooting even with powerful equipment. The circular aluminium barrel has an integrated track to guide the spear and prevent shaft whip. The open muzzle has three holes and accommodates circular bands. The Invictus Rex comes standard with two 14mm circular bands and 6.5mm Omer America single barb spear.

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