Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula
Orca Speargun - Thula

Orca Speargun - Thula

ORCA Thula Heavy Duty Speargun

Barrel Length
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Many guns within the spearfishing market today lay claim to being ‘the most accurate available’ with the sole evidence being record trophy fish landed by a group of extremely experienced and talented spearo’s. Shouldn’t the real test of accuracy be carried out in the hands of total novices who have never shot fish before? This is what ORCA did to ‘prove’ the accuracy of their guns, the results of these tests affirming what they believed - their superior materials and methods of manufacture have produced a gun that is consistently accurate, even in the hands of total novices!!

Many manufacturers describe their Aluminium (Aluminum) barrels in the glowing terms of ‘aircraft grade’ when this is nothing more than the industry standard. ORCA have gone a step further to use aerospace grade aluminium for their extrusions. Yes, it is more expensive but when they say their barrels have better strength and stiffness, can handle strong rubbers and can be used in longer lengths with the least amount of flex, they know we have the best material backing this claim.

The anodised aluminium barrel is then sleeved with a unique PVC sleeve having a spear guide along the full length of the barrel. This has been designed with features to ensure ultra quietness as the spear leaves the gun and to then keep it’s trajectory in as straight a flight path as possible.

As any engineer will confirm, tube extrusions, whatever the material, create very slight twist as they are extruded (by virtue of the process). To combat this ORCA assemble their guns on a specially designed jig. This enables them to eliminate even the smallest deviation from perfect straightness of the spear guide. With this level of accuracy in lining up handle-barrel-muzzle, is it any wonder novices find it easier to hit a moving target under water with an Orca ‘Thula’ gun than with any other gun tested!! Awesome top quality speargun from South Africa made from top quality materials including Aerospace' grade 6082T6 Aluminium tube with 1.6mm wall.

  • High grade PVC sleeve over aluminium tube with full-length deep track
  • 7mm 2000MPa Orca Spear
  • double-rubber muzzle
  • 16mm LatexUSA rubbers
  • stainless steel line-release
  • 200kg breaking-strain mono line
  • Orca spear shock-absorber
  • comfy-grip handle with strengthened springs



They may be ordered and picked up from our store or we can obtain specific quotes for courier service (if available) on application (contact us via email).




Band Size Chart
 Screw-in Bands (pair) 16mm 18mm 20mm
50cm  13cm 13 - 14cm  -
60cm 16cm 16 - 18cm -
70cm 16 - 18cm 18cm -
75cm 18 - 19cm 18 - 21cm 19 - 22cm
85cm 19 - 22cm 19 - 23cm 22 - 23cm
90cm 22 - 24cm 22 - 24cm 22 - 24cm
95cm 23 - 26cm 23 - 25cm 23 - 25cm
100cm 24 - 28cm 24 - 28cm 24 - 26cm
105cm 26 - 28cm 25 - 28cm 25 - 28cm
110cm 28 - 30cm 26 - 28cm 26 - 28cm
115cm 28 - 30cm 27 - 29cm 28 - 30cm
120cm 30 - 32cm 28 - 30cm 28 - 32cm
125cm 30 - 32cm 29 - 31cm 30 - 32cm
130cm 32 - 35cm 30 - 32cm 32cm
Circular Bands (single) 16mm 18mm 20mm
50cm - - -
60cm - - -
70cm 42 - 45cm - -
75cm 45 - 47cm 48cm -
85cm 47 - 52cm 48 - 50cm -
90cm 47 - 54cm 48 - 52cm -
95cm 48 - 54cm 50 - 54cm -
100cm 54 - 60cm 54 - 58cm -
105cm 54 - 60cm 56 - 60cm -
110cm 60 - 65cm 60 - 62cm -
115cm 65 - 70cm 62 - 66cm -
120cm 70 - 75cm 66 - 68cm -
125cm 75 - 80cm 68 - 70cm -
130cm 75 - 80cm 70 - 72cm -
Orca Apnea Products was started in 2002 to manufacture equipment for the 3 primary breath-hold disciplines; namely Spearfishing, Freediving and Underwater Hockey.

Since those earlier days of trying to produce everything we have slowly evolved through a process of elimination to where we are today - a manufacturer specialising in Spearfishing Equipment and Underwater Hockey Pucks.
From small beginnings where we only supplied the local market we have grown to the point where 95% of our business is export based. The Orca brand is synonymous with quality and we are continually striving to refine, improve and increase the range of products available.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are not mass produced, 90% of our raw materials are produced in South Africa and our products made to order. Some spearfishing equipment manufacturers lay claim to being able to 'produce 300 guns per day', simply because most of their components are pre-made in Asia and all they have to then do is put in a couple of screws, or pack the items in their own-brand packaging.

Working together with a local engineering company we started creating our own brand of spears which, through intense R&D, has resulted in us being one of the few companies in the world that can offer 6.1mm, 6.6mm, 7mm, 7.5mm and 8mm spears in 2000MPa spring steel. Our motto on spear manufacture is "You specify - we quote and produce"

Orca products are available through a distribution network of National Dealers who in turn have their own networks within their countries or regions.
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