Esclapez Bands - Shockwave 16 - 16mm...

Esclapez Bands - Shockwave 16 - 16mm (pair)

Esclapez Shockwave 16 - 16mm Bands (pair)

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16mm Bands - Size Chart
13cm 50cm
16cm 60cm
18cm 70cm / 75cm
19cm 75cm Gun
22cm 90cm
24cm 90cm / 100cm
26cm 100cm
28cm 100cm / 115cm
30cm 115cm
Esclapez Diving is born. Like many creations, this is the fruit of a meeting between skills, synergy, complemantarities, commitment and passion.

On one side, a company specialized in engineering, the design and industrialization of full sets « We work for big companies with very demanding customers in an environment of quality ISO 9001.2000.

On board, Gérard QUILLIOU: «The idea of ESCLAPEZ DIVING in association with Titou has become evident by a serie of rational elements and a little part of passion. Let's evacuate immediately the passion, I am a diver and a spearfisher for 25 years.

From the other side, Jean-Baptiste Esclapez «Titou», do we still need to introduce him ? He is one of the three greatest competitors in the History of World Spearfishing, having been the world spearfishing champion and runner-up on two occasions as well as the French and European champions multiple times...

Tens of thousands of hours spent spearfishing under all sorts of conditions have developed his powers of observation and have provided him with extraordinary knowledge and experience to the extent that it is an obsession...

" I put my first fins and my first mask for investigating the sea in 1953, I was 8 years old hardly."

The report of Jean-Baptiste ESCLAPEZ's fame, prestige of his name in France and abroad, a surprising and fruitful synergy which settled down at once between Titou, being able to express totally his tremendous experience, and our team of engineers were decisive.

Today the company ESCLAPEZ Diving owns the brand and our goal is to conceive a range of quality materials designed by hunters for hunters.
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