Bands 16mm - Latex

16mm Ø Latex Bands
Riffe Bands - Power 16mm - Circular - Black - Dyneema Wishbone ENLARGE

Riffe Bands - Power 16mm - Circular - Black - Dyneema Wishbone

Riffe 16mm Power Bands - Black complete with Spectra Coated Dyneema Wishbone

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E90x, E100x, E110x, E120x

*  Shaft, band, and tip upgrades available.

  • Low-Profile, 5 vertical laminate teak stock
  • Models E-55 up to E110 come standard with 17/64″(6.75mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft (upgrades optional)
  • Models E-110X up to E-130 come standard with 9/32″(7.1mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft
  • Models E-110X up to E-130 have a thicker stock for increased strength
  • (2) 5/8″(16mm) Black RIFFE Gorilla Rubber power bands with 1000lb Spectra wishbone line (accepts up to (3) 9/16″(14mm), (2) 5/8″(16mm), or (2) 3/4″(19mm) bands)
  • 5″ Bungee Shock Chord with 500lb. test Pigtail Swivel (400lb. Snap Swivel optional)
  • Optional threaded shaft with or without spearhead. (spearhead sold separately)
  • Heavy duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip
  • RIFFE S.S. Trigger Mechanism with added silencer
  • Side rotating spring loaded safety
  • Rear loading pad with full vision when aiming down the shaft
  • Automatic side mounted line release
  • Built in threaded reel inserts
  • Designed to fit the RIFFE Horizontal Reel – Flat
Part #
Overall Stock Length
Shaft Dia X Length
Spearshaft Style – Tip
Handle Mount
Power Bands
Effective Shooting Range
90X CM
127 cm
17/64″ (6.75mm) X 51″ (130cm)
Hawaiian Euroshaft
(2) 5/8″ (16mm) X 21.5″ (55cm)
18′ (5.5M)
100X CM
137 cm
17/64″ (6.75mm) X 54″ (140cm)
Hawaiian Euroshaft
(2) 5/8″ (16mm) X 24″ (61cm)
20′ (6.1M)
110X CM
147 cm
9/32″ (6.75mm) X 60″ (152cm)
Hawaiian Euroshaft
(2) 5/8″ (16mm) X 26.5″ (67.5cm)
22′ (6.7M)
120X CM
157 cm
9/32″ (7.1mm) X 63″ (160cm)
Hawaiian Euroshaft
(2) 5/8″ (16mm) X 29.5″ (75cm)
24′ (7.3M)

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