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Omer Mask - Umberto Pelizzari CARBON UP-M1C mask and UP-NC1 Nose Clip


Umberto Pelizzari UP-M1 Carbon Mask and UP-NC1 Nose Clip

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New mask designed with freediving legend Umberto Pelizzari to create the worlds most innovative freediving mask.

This mask has a real carbon frame, has a very low internal volume, gives extreme comfort and an excellent field of vision due to its innovative lens design.

The mask nose piece has also been designed to accomodate nose clips with ease for professional freedivers and this combo includes the new UP-NC1 Nose Clip which is specially designed to allow mask and ear clearing without the use of hands. Toggles on the mask are mounted on springs. When exerting more pressure, they slightly open allowing air flow. It also fits all other masks.

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