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Aqualung Sport Full Face Mask

Aqualung Sport Full Face Mask/Snorkel System

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Aqua Lung Smart-Snorkel Full Face Mask:

  • If You Want the Best Be Smart & Go Aqua Lung
  • For Snorkeling Enthusiasts Who Don't Like the Traditional Snorkels
  • Breathe Easy w/ Aqua Lung Smart-Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask
  • Ingenious Mask Covers Entire Face Lets You Breathe Naturally
  • Breathe w/Nose and Mouth
  • Lowest Breathing Resistance of All Full-Face Snorkeling Masks
  • Fog Free Design, No Condensation Build-Up on Lens
  • Crystal Clear Vision
  • Full Face Coverage Keeps Face Dry
  • Provides 180° Field of View of Aquatic Life
  • Snorkel Tube Integrated into Top of Mask
  • Dry Top Valve Tube when Submerged, Prevent Water Entry
  • Smart Lock Removable Snorkel Tube for Easy Storage & Transport
  • Durable Shatter Proof Polycarbonate Lens
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone Skirt & Strap
  • Wide Seal Edge
  • Skirt Seal and Head Strap Combined for Perfect Seal On-the-Face
  • Strap:
    Quick-Release Swivel Buckles
    Easy Adjustments, RI-Pad Connectors for Balanced & Comfortable Air Tight Fit
    Ultra-Glide Coating, Won't Pull Hair
    Smart-Fit Custom Fitting Holes for Easy Adjustment
  • Mesh Storage and Transport Bag
  • Available in Multiple Sizes



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