Omer Snorkel - Zoom - Black Stone

Omer Snorkel - Zoom - Black Stone

Omer Zoom Snorkel

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Ergonomically designed snorkel developed specifically for spearfishing and freediving.

The history of Omersub begins in the late seventies, with the specific mission of developing and manufacturing top quality equipment for a few very demanding spearfishing champions. Its founders could then benefit from the experience of firearms manufacturer Beretta, directly involved in the start-up capital of Omersub, both in the design and manufacturing of high precision and unique spear guns and spearfishing accessories.

Since then, Omersub has unceasingly pursued its original mission, reaching unique experiences in the application of new solutions for all products related to the diving activity, never forgetting its deep roots in the mystical world of skindiving and spearfishing. In 1993 Omersub has joined the multinational group Beta Tools of Milan-Italy (, leader in the manufacturing of professional hand and pneumatic tools, distributed in 76 countries world-wide since 1939.

Every Omersub product is entirely designed and developed inside by our technicians. We have a staff of six engineers dedicated to specific areas such as: materials research, plastic moulding, metal working, wetsuits design and production. Our technical department makes use of the latest technologies available such as CAD-CAM 3D design.

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