Spears/Shafts 6.3mm Ø

6.3mm Spears/Shafts for Band Spearguns

Omer Spear/Shaft "AMERICA" - 6.3mm with "Sharkfins"

Omer "America" 6.3mm Ø Stainless Steel Spears (bronzed) with "sharkfin" loading hooks

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A line of shafts integrating three shark-fins in place of traditional notches. These shafts are unique in that the shark fins are cast using the same stainless steel as the shafts (17-4PH) and are fixed to the shafts using an innovative system that aside from ensuring perfect alignment with the shaft gives it a tested strength greater than 300Kg’s / 650 lbs.

The profile of the shark fins is thin with the end resulting in better hydrodynamics and penetration through the fish. Loading the wishbones is easier and safer as well. Each shark fin has a hole so the diver can choose which hole to attach the shooting line on.

The shafts come in a natural satin finish providing a non glare appearance and come standard with a new point design that increases penetration. The barbs are newly designed with a lower profile to improve hydrodynamics and penetration while simultaneously guaranteeing a secure hold of the fish once it’s passed.

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