Spears/Shafts 7.0mm Ø

7.0mm Spears/Shafts for Band Spearguns

Riffe Spear/Shaft - Hawaiian Euro TRAVELLER- 7.1mm - Break-Down

Riffe Hawaiian Euroshaft TRAVELLER 7.1mm - Break-Down Spear - Stainless Steel

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RIFFE Spearshafts are made with spring stainless steel, heat treated to increase hardness and prevent bending. The original RIFFE-designed shark-fin tabs have a smooth finish capable of holding 1 or 2 power bands per tab.

ES-3330T51" (130 cm)90 cm
ES-3315T45" (115 cm)75 cm
ES-3386T34" (86 cm)55 cm


The 9/32" (7.1mm) Traveller spearshaft has been threaded and taped so that both ends make up the spearshaft length needed to fit each model.

Note: We recommend maintaining your hardware as follows

  • - break down shaft:  in order to assure your shaft is secure we recommend using teflon tape on the threads
  • - break down rods: the best maintenance after use we recommend using silicone grease or similar product after each use

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