Sporasub Weight Belt - Marseillaise with Holding System


Sporasub Marseillaise Weight Belt with holding system (Stainless Steel Buckle)

(Nylon Buckle also available)

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Belt Holding System

Belt attachment system that can be quickly applied to any weight belt.

This makes it possible to keep the weights in their desired position (usually low along the hips) above all when flipping over for diving, thus avoiding annoying slippage towards the body.

This system does not compromise safety due to the fact that it automatically unhooks when opening the belt.

It is also very useful when using a back support.

It is available in a single adjustable size and is supplied with a weight belt (Marseille belt) with metal buckles, or sold separately as an accessory.


Marseille Belt

Rubber belt with standard Marseille buckle.

The belt is made, through compression, in highly elastic natural rubber.

The metal buckle is made in nickel-plated brass. The plastic buckle is made, by injection, in Nylon.

The brass buckle model is supplied with the Belt Holding System.

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